Sept. 15-17 2017

Kenmore, WA
Bastyr University
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3 Day Injection
$ 895.00

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Neural Therapy DVD
Catalog and manuals.

Needle Techniques
using Autonomic
Response Testing
Andreanna Rainville RN
Fri 9/15 9am – 12pm
CME Credits : $45.00


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Injection Techniques & Skills
European Neural Therapy
A Transformative Workshop

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD
© Heiner Orth

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

Needles have been used for healing in Medicine for over 4500 years. But only 1853 Pravatz and Wood developed today’s tools: the hypodermic needle and the syringe.
They allow us to deliver remedies precisely to the right spot in the right amount.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt had the chance to observe and work with Cyriax, Huneke, Voll, Barber, Baum, Gabor Racz and many of their advanced students and developed a safe, comprehensive and simple set of injection techniques and skills, to be taught during this weekend.

Why would anyone treat anyone with injections?

Injections are necessary sometimes. Here are some of the reasons: Illnesses are usually compartmentalized and procaine causes drug uptake by its affect on the cell wall voltage gating – for example if someone has hepatitis the infection is localized in the liver or if a breast tumour the cancer is mostly localized in the breast. If you have a sprained ankle you have to poison 30 trillion cells to get to the few cells that are damaged in order to deliver Advil. The idea with the injections is that you isolate where the illness has set up its house keeping and deliver the medicine to the area where the illness is concentrated so that with a small amount of medicine you can reach in greater concentration of medicine directly to the area where the problem is. …rather than giving it orally or iv. It is just common sense but to my peers it is not common sense…..” Dr. Klinghardt.(transcript from 2014 Injection Seminar)

From the content: Injection Techniques A-Z!
Needle etiquette: safety, size, storage, disposal, sterility, adverse reaction 101
Segmental injections: sinuses, tonsils, shoulder/arm, crown, spine, hips and knees, liver, heart and lungs
Trigger point injections: c-spine, L/S spine, shoulders. Effective medication cocktails
Detox support: off label segmental use of glutathione, homeopathics, other complexing agents, ozone
Mesotherapy with platelet rich plasma (prolotherapy, periodontal disease, eye health, hair growth, joints, pain). Simple affordable in-office procedures.
The deeper injections: the major joints, Sphenopalatine ganglion, pelvic plexus
Medications and remedies for safe use: local anaesthetics, plasma, ozone, steroids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, homeopathics, frequencies
What to do when emotions and trauma-memories come up: PK and MFT 101
Special needle skills: bent-needle techniques. Pulsing for endorphin release. Using the bevel for curved needle procedures .
The inner skills: focus, imagination, self- guided images, breathing